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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[door closes]
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[air hisses] [gasps] [ring] [ring] hello. hello, sir. i just wanted to remd you that our normal checkout time is 11 a.m. but if you'd like a later checkout time, i can go ahead and take care of that for you now. sir, would you like a later checkout time? sir? hello?
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uh! uh! ohh... no. no. [gasping] [beeping] [dialing] [beep] [telephone rings] hello? what's wrong? nothing. well, it's not sunday. we talk on sunday. i know. i, um, i just thought i'd call. oh. you scared me. sorry. i thought it was an emergency. no, it's not an emergency. yeah? are you sure? how are your headaches?
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yeah? are you taking your riboflavin and the magnesium? in equal doses and a sporadic shot of b2 like youaid. and sleep? are you letting your gray matter rest? i'm--i'm working on it. what's so funny? what? i didn't laugh. someing's amusing you. i can hear it. you can hear my body language? i'm a very good listener. um... [chuckles] i guess i just-- i think it's funny how we've been doing this for 6 months and we've never met. you know, like one google search of me and you'll find my fbi file photo, but i have absolutely no idea what you look like. i've shaved, by the way, since then. i used to be sort of fascinated with the yeti and i thought that maybe if i-- i don't know what you look like either. really? no. the only intimate part of you i've seen is your brain when i studied the mri you sent me. that's when i said,
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thanks. that's really nice of you to say. [cell phone vibrates] what happened? something just happened. sorry. it's work. i actually have to go. ok. well, uh, we'll talk sunday. ok. be safe. wait. are you being safe? yes. yes, i'm being safe. do you--do you think he knows about us? no. as far as i can tell he doesn't. and we need to keep it that way. well, my friends, you are heading to new mexico. but pack your thermals, 'cause this case will make you go "brr. our unsub du jour is taking right legs. the most recent victim, tony anders. he was dumped at a local motel.
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the first victim, not so lucky. richard hubbell. he died during the leg absconding process, and his body was dumped just over the border in juarez, mexico. juarez is on the front lines of the cartels. any drug connections between the victims? they both just said no. tony anders had i. bruising and surgical sutures on his stump. so the unsub operated on both victims. we're looking at a doctor. that's a first. were the vicms patients anywhere? no. they were the vision of health. tony had hypodermic needle marks his neck. the unsub could have drugged him and brought him into the hospital for surgery. unlikely he could hide in a hospital. even the most experienced surgeon can't operate without supervision. the goal of amputation is to remove dead tissue to preserve an otherwise healthy limb. any first-year medical student will tell you that. but this unsub stitched the skin flap so tight over tony's stump that it didn't allow for proper blood flow and led to gangrene. he's not a surgeon. what is he?
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what happened? shh. everything's fine. was there... was there an accident? it's fine. everything's fine. we just need to operate. operate? no, it's ok. it's ok. you're in good hands. did someone call my wife? she should know. i will take care of it. i should really call her, because she'll be worried. i told you, we'll take care of it. i, uh, have coverage. my hmo hospital is st. mary's, i think. is this--am i at st. mary's? not quite. hey, what are you doing? hey!
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reid: sir arthur conan doyle wrote, "when a doctor does go wrong, he is e first of criminals. he has the nerve and he has the knowledge." so, this unsub's got a thing for right legs and he's moving fast. two victims in a week. what's the compulsion? you know, the fact that one of the victims was left in a motel room makes me think it's not a compulsion at all. maybe it's black market. what's the going rate for a leg these days? mm, pretty good. in 2002, tendons were shipped from south africa to the u.s. and sold through private medical and biotech companies. the body parts trade coexists with the drug trade in border towns. let's say it's a chop shop. that means we're looking for a small team or network. one that usually deals with the dead before the living. did garcia find any overlap with victimology? just that they were both organ donors. she cross-referencing with the united network for organ sharing.
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but 're talking limbs. yeah, but hospitals around the country are networked into it. if the unsub is a medical professional, he might have access to it, and by extension, the victims. reid, you and jj go to juarez and look at richard hubbell's body. morgan and dave, go talk to tony anders. and blake and i will investigatethe black market angle here. hey. detective gonzalez. i'm glad you guys could make it. i hate the weird ones. i'm agent hotchner. this is agent blake. thanks for inviting us. absolutely. come on in. i've g the board set up for you in here. thank you. thank you. [cell phone rings] go ahead, garcia. you're on speaker. ok, so i quadruple-checked with u.n.o.s and there's no way the unsub is using them, because like me, they quadruple-check everything and their redundancies have redundancies, and so there's no chance there could be any hanky-panky. he could still be using medical records to find them, though. all right, thanks, garcia. welcome, welcome. were you able to contact the specialist we asked about? the doctor who sold on the black market? yeah. the prison said no way they would release him. we'll just have to go to him, then.
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walking out of organic chemistry, and... then... [monitor beeping] nothing. what about when you woke up? there was a... beeping, like that, and there was a mask... over my face, i think. i can't remember, man. it's all a blur. tony, do me a favor. close your eyes. just humor me, ok? all right. think back to that room. that bed. that beeping. it probably smelled a lot like this room. you were out. you should have stayed out.
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now... wake up! [door closes] tony, something justcame to you. what was it? i can't explain it. don't think it, just say it. it was a door. a garage door. i was in somebody's garage. i need to, uh, ask you some questions. if you want this to go well, i suggest you answer honestly.
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uh, yeah. have you consumed alcohol? no. just wait a-- you had surgery before? yes. please, just tell me-- any complications? nono. it was lasik. anything you'd like to ask before we begin? why are you doing this to me? now, i'm going to count backwards from0. 10... please--please-- 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... [cell door unlocks] good afternoon. i'm alex blake with the fbi. i'm here to see if you can cooperate on this-
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right now it's just a missing limbase. your expertise can tell us if he's selling legs on the black market. we felt that to find the best, we should go to the best. can you help us, mr. smith? first of all, it's dr. smith, not mr. smith. second, the only way i'll give you my expert opinion is if we cut a deal, right now. i could do that... or i could stop wasting my time with you. this guy's not doing it for the money. if you knew that for sure you wouldn't be here.
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what do the eyeso for in beijing, a grand? the skin you sent to moscow, that netted you what, 15? so when you looked at the last picture, i know what you saw. you saw an amateur who could make a lot more money if he took more than the right leg. after all, you did. listenagent. [door buzzes open] actually, it's doctor. unlike you, i still have my degree. but you have a good day, mr. smith. it could be dumping the body down here was a forensic countermeasure. probably, but it's the deviation in m.o. that stumps me. pun intended. two different victims, two different amputations. all right, so what do you see, doctor? this amputation was transtibial, but the survivor was transfemoral. so his leg was cut below the knee, and tony's was cut above. the cutting here was pristine, nerve and vascular dissection was careful, well-ligated.
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i thought you said the unsub wasn't a doctor. i said he wasn't a surgeon, but his knowledge of anatomy and procedure shows definite medical training. hey, spence. the hole in the bone-- it's perfectly circular. the medical examiner said that was most likely caused by animals. it's bored in. it's like he drilled it. not with any surgical tool that i'm familiar with. well, maybe this is what he's been trying to hide from us. [opera plays] based on the way this unsub treats his victims, we need to look at this case a different way. we know it's not for profit and we know he's not a killer. so what is he?
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which means he sees his victims as test subjects. and if we're right, we're not going to see the usual signature or consistent victimology. there's no compulsion, sexual or otherwise. so there won't be a trigger or a stressor either. that doesn't leave a lot to profile. not true. we do have his medical technique. and based on the remnants of hubbell's surgery, i think the unsub's experimenting. with what? a new way to ampute? the hole in his knee makes us think it's more radical than that. amputating the leg is not the unsub's goal. reattaching it is. you think this unsub's performing transplants? it explains why he only wanted tony anders' leg. i think that's the experiment. he wants to see if he can put a foreign leg on someone else's body. can you-- can you help-- can you--can youhelp-- ma'am, the doctor can't diagnose you over the phone. ma'am, i don't know what you want me to do. you need to come in.
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please... i need someone... no, ma'am, i'm sorry. you need to come in. somebody help me! hey, sir, what's your problem? it's my leg. ok, does it hurt? no, it's been cut. ok. can you get me some scissors? ok, what happened? did you cut it? no. it's not...
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oh, how nice for you. dole. the only national brand that packs its entire line of regular fruit bls in 100% juice. did the camera pick up anything? he dropped him offa block away. this poor guy limped into the hospital on a leg that wasn't his. what's the note say? the unsub helpfully suggests a high dose of cyclosporine for his patient, carl timmons. it wouldn't have made any difference. i mean, gangrene and sepsis had already set in. there's nothing the hospital could have done. reid, you getting a migraine? no. no, i haven't had one of those for months, ever since, um... this doesn't make ansense, morgan. well, does it ever, reid? this unsub is supposed to have a background in science, right? why is his science so bad?
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and then reopened the sutures for transplant? you find anything on the knee? he left his handiwork in this time. it's a surgical implant. maybe that's what he was trying to perfect, transplanting the leg onto an amputee. medically impossible. you can't graft a leg onto someone else's stump. well, you and i know that, and this guy must know that, but maybe he just won't stopuntil he succeeds. a doctor that can't admit he's wrong? it's time to give the profile. the unsub we're looking for is a doctor with a severe god complex. his narcissism makes him believe that he can defy human biology and anatomy. his narcissism has likely caused problems in his career. so look for doctors who've lost their licenses or medical students who've had ethical violations. with a psychopath like this, shouldn't we also be looking at released mental pients? we don't think he is a psychopath. psychopaths rarely have the training and discipline for medical school or residency. so this unsub won't behave in an antisocial manner. he's probably successful, respectful, outgoing.
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and his neighbors probably know him well. jj: and his background makes us think he lives a mid- to upper clas lifestyle. he may be married and have kids. if so, he would be devoted to both. so don't look for the weirdo in the van with no windows. look for the pillars of the community. yeah, but if he's so well-known, how's he hiding these operations from all these people? through a psychological process called doubling. he acts one way professionally, but he acts another way at home. it's occurred before in history. like the nazi doctors in auschwitz and dachau. they could separate their genocidal actions from their normal lives as fathers, healers, and husbands. and like the doctors under hitler's regime, this unsub's sense of superiority supersedes the hippocratic oath. yes, well, the trial phase is almost complete. i'll, uh, i'll send it to you once i've compiled it.
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that didn't sound good. the investors want to see all my data. and you're not ready. i came close last night, but... i'm in trouble. ok, breathe, honey. we're gonna get through this. if they pull their funding-- we lose everything. they won't. the equipment in the garage, the house. it's not going to happen. how do you know that? because i know you. but you have to let yourself off the hook if you're gonna figure this out. i almost had it, you know? that's what's so frustrating. if i could just get it right one time, you and i can-- we can lead a better life. honey, i have a great life. don't worry about me. worry about those little mice out in your lab. hmm. well, i hate to tell you, but i've moved up from mice in the last couple of weeks.
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but if it's a choice between them or the house, well, a couple more might have to give their life up to science. [laughs] oh, i love you so much. [laughs] mmm. stop worrying. mm. well, these are doctors and med students in the area, and there are a lot of washouts who fit the profile. what about the prosthetic attachment from carl timmons' leg? is there anything identifiable on it? yeah. i just sent you the chemical breakdown from our lab. it's mostly a thick polymer designed to withstand the constant mobility of the leg. so the resin is coated in plastic? mm-hmm. it's a combination of organic and inorganic materials. that's probably to stave off rejection. garcia, is the resin biodegradable? as a matter of fact, yes. how is it you know everything? all this time we assumed he's a doctor. but what if he isn't? what if he has the training in cutting and stitching but never went to medical school?
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i see. so you think this manis a mortician. it's one of the theories we're pursuing. but we think this ilant is the key to his training. is this something your employees would use? yes. we use it for reattament on our dearly beloved. sometimes they come to us in more than one piece, and we need to perform some...reassembly for an open casket funeral. the biodegradability is for what, cremation? precisely. and unlike a surgeon, a mortician would want to reattach a limb at a movable joint ke a knee or an elbow? it's easier to use dead bone than muscle or vasculature. [footsteps] would you excuse me? thank you for your help. of course. so, we know the unsub got started in a place like this, but how's he finding his victims now? well, he's equipped his garage with medical eqpment.


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